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Essay on Fairness and Justice in the poems.

Being fair and just means that you give back equally, with tolerance and no favoritism. Taking the first poem, The Psalm of Life, we can start to relate this values with it. Fairness and justice don't have a totally visible role into conveying the message that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow seemed to want to transmit, but in the first stanza, its is implied that the speaker doesn’t want to know that life is not what it seems, therefore he doesn't want to know life is unfair and treats each one of us differently because we are not in charge of it. The poem slightly implies that despite life’s unfair characteristics, we must strive to keep living it to its maximum, achieving our goals and reach our destiny. Although not concrete, a careful reader might imply the intention behind the text’s surface. In “The tide rises, The tide falls” these values are more present and easier to identify. In its explanation of the constant circle that is life, we are presented with the fact that things…

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